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Mendeez Loungewear| Jersey Pajamas For Men| Feel The Luxury 

We guarantee the high quality of our loungewear since we carefully monitor the manufacturing process and dedicate our time and attention to ensuring that every male can feel at ease wherever and whenever he wears it.
All of our loungewear items, such as Snugger Shorts, Pajamas, 

Even after multiple washings, your purchases from us will still look brand-new and presentable.

Feel The Luxury And Comfort 

Mendeez is known for making some of the best underwear in Dubai , but we also make lounge pants, too. We have a wide range of men's jersey pajama pants that offer optimum comfort to your lower body and a night of peaceful sleep after a tedious day at work. Our sleep pants provide the same level of quality you'd expect from the underwear. It is crafted from a soft touch of a fine cotton fabric which is light in weight, stretchy, and breathable.

In the hot humid weather, our game-changing lounge pants act as a shield against the hot air and provide you a room to chill out with your family and friends in and outside the house. The fabric is great in absorbing moisture which keeps you cool and relaxes all day long. It also has a soft elastic waistband for additional comfort. The best thing about these jersey pajama pants is that they come with side pockets too!

Snug In Our Jersey Pajamas

Mendeez got the best collection of jersey pajama Pants for lazy day lounging which you can order from the website in the form of the pack as well as individually. It comes with a solid color as well as in patterns. It comes in various designs such as plaid, camouflage, checks, and texture. The best thing about Mendeez sleep pant is that it's lightweight lounge pants which are ideal for next-level comfort and the price is also low that won’t break the bank. With sizes up to an XL, any guy can upgrade his Saturday morning attire with breathable cotton bottoms.

Once you add them in your loungewear collection you will feel the urge to ditch those awkward baggy sweats from your alma mater for a sophisticated pair of mendeez jersey pajama pants that aren’t the least bit embarrassing. In case if you are one of those dudes that prefer to sleep in jeans or chinos, then do yourself a favor and upgrade your loungewear section of the cupboard with high-quality sleep pants that are equal parts cool and comfortable.

Our classy Men jersey pajama pants work double duty for at-home lounging and casual weekend activities. Opt for the roomy sleep pants to give your genitals a breather when you’re heading to the gym, brunch, or running errands around town.