Once connected to rebellious subcultures, fishnet socks are now a versatile fashion accessory that give any outfit a little of edge. Whether you're a trendsetter or a fashion aficionado, wearing fishnet socks can help you look more put together.

History of Socks

Fishnet socks have a rich history rooted in the rebellious fashion movements of the 20th century. Originally worn as a symbol of defiance, they have undergone a transformation and are now embraced by the mainstream fashion industry. Fishnet socks have an interesting history that dates back to the early 1900s. Burlesque and cabaret are two areas of performance arts where they first appeared as a fashion trend. They became well-liked by dancers and performers because of the eye-catching and distinctive diamond-shaped pattern of the fishnet material. Fishnet stockings became fashionable in the 1920s among flapper females, who were renowned for their daring and nonconformist sense of style.

During the punk rock movement of the 1970s and 1980s, fishnet socks became a staple accessory for those who embraced the rebellious and anti-establishment ethos of the subculture. Their characteristic punk design statement was often achieved by teaming them with ripped garments and eye-catching accessories. Because of pop artists' and other celebrities' influence, fishnet socks saw a revival in popularity in the 1990s.  Whether worn casually or as part of a bold and daring look, fishnet socks continue to be a unique and iconic fashion statement.

Types of Socks                                                                                        

Today, fishnet socks come in various styles, from classic diamond patterns to intricate lace designs.

Classic Anklets: These are short socks that cover the ankle, often with a small, tight diamond-shaped pattern. Knee-High Fishnet Socks: Slightly longer than anklets, these socks reach up to the knee. They add a bit more flair to your outfit while maintaining a relatively modest length.

Thigh-High Stockings: These extend all the way up the thighs.

Colored Socks: Fishnet socks come in various colors, allowing you to match or contrast them with your outfit. Colored fishnet can add a playful and vibrant touch to your look.

Patterned Socks: Beyond the classic diamond pattern, fishnet socks can feature different designs and patterns. Some may have larger or smaller diamond shapes, while others incorporate unique patterns for a distinctive look.

Lace-Trimmed Socks: Adding a touch of femininity, these socks feature lace trim at the top. The combination of lace and fishnet creates a delicate yet edgy style.

Socks with Rhinestones or Embellishments: For a glamorous touch, some fishnet socks are adorned with rhinestones, sequins, or other embellishments. These can be a statement piece for special occasions.

Boot Socks: Designed to be worn with boots, these socks typically have a shorter length, ensuring they don't peek out too much from the top of the boots.

Ankle Socks with Ruffles: Combining fishnet with ruffled edges, these socks offer a cute and playful variation. They add a feminine and flirty element to your outfit.

Socks with Bows: Some fishnet socks feature bow accents, providing a sweet and charming detail.

Choosing the Right Socks

Selecting the perfect pair involves considering factors like occasion, outfit, and personal style. From everyday casual looks to bold statement pieces, there's a pair of fishnet socks for every mood and event.

Size Matters: Make sure to choose the right size for your feet. Fishnet socks come in various sizes, so select one that fits comfortably without being too tight or too loose.

Mesh Size: Fishnet socks come in different mesh sizes, ranging from small to large. Consider the occasion and your personal style when choosing the mesh size.

Color Coordination: Think about the color of the fishnet socks and how it complements your outfit. Classic black is versatile and goes well with many colors, but you can also experiment with other hues to make a statement.

Length and Style: Fishnet socks come in various lengths, from ankle to thigh-high. Consider the type of shoes and clothing you'll be pairing them with. Ankle-length fishnet socks can be great for everyday casual wear, while thigh-high ones can add drama to a more formal or adventurous outfit.

Occasion: Keep in mind the occasion when choosing fishnet socks. Smaller mesh and neutral colors might be suitable for a more formal setting, while larger mesh and bold colors can be perfect for a night out or a casual, edgy look.

Layering: Experiment with layering fishnet socks over opaque tights or other hosiery.

Personal Style: Consider your personal style. If you prefer a more classic and timeless look, opt for simple black fishnet socks. If you enjoy experimenting with fashion and making a bold statement, go for brighter colors or unique patterns.

Comfort: Lastly, prioritize comfort. Choose fishnet socks made from materials that feel good on your skin, especially if you plan on wearing them for an extended period.

Matching with Outfits

Pairing fishnet socks with outfits can be a creative endeavor. Whether it's with skirts, dresses, or ripped jeans, understanding the art of coordination ensures a seamless and fashionable look.

Casual Every day Wear: For a casual and everyday look, pair ankle-length fishnet socks with jeans or leggings. Choose neutral colors like black or nude for versatility.

Dresses and Skirts: Fishnet socks can add a touch of edginess to dresses and skirts. Consider wearing them with a mini skirt or a sundress to give your outfit a trendy and playful vibe.

Thigh-Highs and Boots: Thigh-high fishnet socks look great when paired with boots. Whether you're wearing ankle boots or knee-high boots, the combination can create a stylish and fashionable appearance.

Layering with Pants: Experiment with layering fishnet socks over opaque tights when wearing pants. This adds a unique texture to your lower half and can be a subtle way to incorporate fishnet into your outfit.

Monochrome Look: Create a monochrome look by matching the color of your fishnet socks with other elements of your outfit.

Contrast with Colors: If you're feeling bold, contrast the color of your fishnet socks with the rest of your outfit. For example, pair brightly colored fishnet socks with a neutral outfit to make a statement.

Ripped Jeans and Punk Style: Embrace a punk or grunge-inspired look by wearing fishnet socks with ripped jeans.

Formal Occasions: Consider smaller mesh fishnet socks or ones in neutral colors for more formal occasions.

Sporty Chic: Create a sporty chic look by pairing fishnet socks with sneakers.

Accessories and Details: Pay attention to accessories and details in your outfit. Match the style of your fishnet socks with other elements, such as a studded belt or leather jacket, to create a cohesive and well-thought-out look.

Seasonal Considerations

Fishnet socks aren't just for one season. Learn how to adapt your fishnet sock style to the weather, ensuring comfort and style all year round.

DIY Sock Styling

For those who love a touch of personalization, this section offers creative ways to customize fishnet socks. From embellishments to unique patterns, make your fishnet socks a true reflection of your personality.

Celebrities and Socks

Celebrities often set fashion trends, and fishnet socks are no exception.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While fishnet socks can enhance any outfit, there are pitfalls to be aware of. Learn from common mistakes to ensure you exude style without crossing into fashion faux pas territory.

Caring for Socks

Maintaining the longevity of your fishnet socks involves proper care.

For Men

Fashion Forward: Fishnet socks for men are a fashion-forward accessory that adds a touch of edginess and uniqueness to an outfit.

Styles for Men: Fishnet socks for men come in various styles, including ankle-length, crew-length, and thigh-high.

Material and Comfort: These socks are typically made from a stretchy material that provides comfort and flexibility.

Pairing with Outfits: Men can pair fishnet socks with a variety of outfits to create different looks. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, or even under ripped pants for a bold and fashion-forward appearance.

Casual or Dressy: Fishnet socks for men are versatile and can be worn in both casual and dressy settings. The key is to coordinate them appropriately with the rest of the outfit.

Boots and Shoes: Men can experiment with wearing fishnet socks with different types of footwear.

Color Choices: Similar to women's fishnet socks, men's options come in various colors. While classic black is a popular choice, men can also explore other colors to suit their personal style.

Expressing Individuality: Wearing fishnet socks is a way for men to express their individuality and embrace a more daring and non-traditional fashion sense. It's about breaking stereotypes and being confident in personal style choices.

Occasions: Fishnet socks for men can be worn on various occasions, from casual outings with friends to more adventurous and themed events. It's all about finding the right balance and confidence in one's style.

Socks for Various Body Types

Mendeez UAE beleives everybody is unique, and so is the approach to styling fishnet socks. Tailor your choices based on body shape for a flattering and confident look.


Accept the audacity, try out different looks and let your fishnet stockings reflect your own individuality.


Can fishnet socks be worn in professional settings?

While it depends on the workplace culture, subtler designs can be incorporated professionally.

How do I avoid the socks from snagging?

Opt for reinforced designs and handle them with care during wear and washing.

Can fishnet socks be paired with open-toed shoes?

Yes, they can. Experiment with different shoe styles to find what suits your taste.

Are fishnet socks suitable for all body types?

Absolutely! There are various styles to complement different body shapes.

Can fishnet socks be worn in colder weather?

Layer them over opaque tights for a stylish and warmer look.

February 26, 2024 — Waleed Ahmed